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Diabetic screening package

Rs 1490/-


Magnus diagnostics diabetic screening package includes a physical examination,laboratory investigations and a diabetologist consultation that help evaluate the diabetic health of you and to identify any early symptoms of disease to manage your health better.


Package includes


Blood test:

  • FBS /RBS
  • HBA1C

Urine test:

  • Urine routine

Other test:

  • ECG

Doctor consultation

  • Physician consultation / Diabetologist consultation


Why is diabetic screening important?

A diabetic screening is useful as it can help detect and identify diabetic diseases or the warning signs of an impending diabetic condition very early.

How is a diabetic screening check up done?


Blood sample & urine sample is taken in the morning in an empty stomach & report will be delivered in 6 hours.

STEP 2: 

Evening appointment will be scheduled for a physical examination / consultation with our doctor who specialises in general medicine (MBBS,MD) or a diabetologist.

Note: During your physician visit all reports will be ready.

How long does Master health check take?

Same day.