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Basic Cardiac Screening package

Rs 2430/-


Magnus diagnostics cardiac health check-up includes an ECHO, ECG & a cardiologist consultation that evaluates the health of your heart to identify any early symptoms of diseases to manage your cardiac health better.

Package includes

  • ECHO – Echocardiogram
  • ECG

Doctor consultation

Cardiologist consultation


Why is cardiac health check up important?

A cardiac health checkup is useful as it can help detect and identify diseases or the warning signs of an impending disease in your heart. This makes treatment a lot more effective, less expensive and less invasive.


How is a master health check up done?


You can choose your time slot for ECHO SCAN- 10 AM to 1.30 PM / 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM and the cardiologist will perform a echocardiogram for you and will offer a consultation following echo.


How long does Master health check take?

15 minutes.